Win back campaign in Spotler Activate (formerly Squeezely)

Squeezely is now Spotler Activate. It is therefore possible that Squeezely is still visible in some places, while Spotler Activate is also mentioned in other places.

There's a visitor on your website, but no purchase is made unfortunately. How can you get this person to visit your website again and convert them to a client? A win back campaign is the perfect solution.  

Set up win back campaign

➡️ Here's the step-by-step guide for creating a win back campaign

Win back campaign in Spotler Activate

There are multiple ways to design a win back campaign. We will highlight two different win back campaigns in this guide. 

Basic win back campaign

In a journey in Spotler Activate, you set up that when a product is viewed (Viewcontent), a check is done a number of days later to see if a start of an order was created (PrePurchase). If this is not the case, you trigger the automated campaign in Spotler Mail+. 

This is what the flow looks like in Spotler Activate: 


You build this flow as follows:

  1. Go to Journeys
  2. Click on + New journey


  3. Give the journey a name and set Event is one or ViewContent. This means that customers will follow this flow when they view a product. 

    Under Entry behaviour set up when a customer starts a flow. In our example, the flow starts when a customer finishes the journey. This is when they can be triggered again. Winback_campagne.png
  4. Add an Engagement split. Next, add a rule with + add rule. The rule states Event is one or PrePurchase. Also indicate how much time has to pass before the next Event is checked. In this example, it is one day. 


  5. Next, add the action Email to the flow.


  6. Give the action a name and select the automation in Spotler as the trigger. The name of your automation in Spotler is what you'll see in Spotler Activate. Can't find the automation in Spotler Activate? This probably means that you need to set the status of your automation to Final. Go to Spotler Mail+ to change the status of the automation and then you will be able to select it in Spotler Activate. 

    The name of the automation in this example is Abondoned browser. Under Products, select Items you may like_fromevent. 


  7. Next, add a new engagement to the flow. A check to see if an order was started as a result of the email. 


  8. Set up the duration of the engagement period. We've set it to14 days in this example. Set up Event is one of Purchase and under url, contains source=Squeezely. This way you'll be able to see if a purchase was made as a result of your email in your analytics. 


  9. Click on Save & Publish to activate the campaign in Spotler Activate.


Don't forget to publish the automation so the campaign actually gets triggered. 

Extensive win back campaign

You can expand your win back campaign with lead scoring. Je kunt je winback campagne uitbreiden met leadscoring. Let's say your visitor views a brand A product. By using the lead scoring function, you can add +1 in the visitor's profile under brand A. If another visitor views a brand B product, he or she will get +1 in their profile under brand B and so on. 

By using lead scoring, you get to know your visitor better which gives you the possibility to make better recommendations based on their behaviour. You can even go as far as giving Spotler Activate the task of deciding which category applies to the visitor best. Make sure to set up that the scoring counter reduces points after X number of days. This way, you don't risk Sales missing their opportunity if the counter increases without setting off triggers.

The flow resembles the basic win back as described above. The only difference is the addition of lead scoring. These elements are added to the beginning of the flow. 

The flow of the campaign in Spotler Activate looks like this:


You design this flow in Spotler Activate as follows:

  1. Go to Journeys
  2. Click on + New journey


  3. Give the journey a name and set Event is one of ViewContent. This means that customers will go through this flow when viewing a product. 

    Under Entry behaviour set up when a customer starts a flow. In our example, the flow starts when a customer finishes the journey. This is when they can be triggered again.  Winback_campagne.png
  4. Add action Update profile. We're going to set up that a score should be applied to a profile. 


  5. In the Update profile screen, set up to which contact field a score should be applied. Every time a page is viewed, one point is added to the score. In this example, the field is called: custom_aantal-bekeken. Bij Value zetten we 1. 


  6. Next, add a Visitor split to the flow. This allows you to set up when the action of sending an email takes place. 


  7. In the Visitor split screen, add a rule with +add rule. We want a follow-up action when a specific visitor has a score of 5 points or higher. The value that you select is a custom field in Spotler Activate. 


  8. The rest of the flow is the same as described under the basic win back campaign, continuing at step 4.