Setting up an abandoned cart campaign in Spotler Activate (formerly Squeezely)

Squeezely is now Spotler Activate. It is therefore possible that Squeezely is still visible in some places, while Spotler Activate is also mentioned in other places.

You don't need a web shop in order to set up an abandoned cart campaign in Spotler Activate. No matter which system you've connected to Spotler Activate, you can set up this campaign at any time. 

Abandoned cart campaign set up

➡️ You can find the step-by-step guide here

Creating an abandoned cart campaign in Spotler Activate

When someone starts an order (pre-purchase), Spotler Activate can check if the purchase has been made (purchase event) 24 hours later. If not, it triggers the automated campaign in Spotler Mail+. You can fill a product block with data from Spotler Activate in this email (see set up). If a purchase is made after the email is sent, a UTM code is attached to it so you will know that an order has been placed from the campaign email. 

This is what the flow looks like in Spotler Activate: 11.png
You build up this flow as follows:

  1. GO to Journeys
  2. Click on + New journey


  3. Give the journey a name and add a rule by clicking on + add rule. The rule should entail Event is one of PrePurchase. This will result in customers following this flow when they start an order. 

    Under Entry behaviour you fill in when a customer qualifies for the flow. In this example, once customers have finished the journey, they can be triggered again. Add_to_cart_flow.png
  4. Add the element Engagement to the flow.


  5. Under Engagement, set the duration of time that needs to pass before the next Event is checked. One day is chosen in this example. 


  6. Add the action Email to the flow.


  7. Give the action a name and choose the automation in Spotler as the trigger. Spotler Activate will show the name of your automation in Spotler Mail+. Can't find the automation in Spotler Activate? This probably means that you need to set the status of your automation to Final. Go to Spotler Mail+ to change the status of the automation and then you will be able to select it in Spotler Activate. 

    The example in this automation is called: Abondoned Shopping Cart. Under Products, select Products from journey entry event, so products from Spotler Activate are uploaded to the email.


  8. Next, add a new engagement to the flow. A check to see if the purchase was made. If so, we want to add that the purchase was made from the email. This way, you can see how many orders came from your campaign.


  9. Under Engagement, you set up the Engagement period. We've used 14 days in this example. 


  10. Click on Save & Publish to activate the campaign in Spotler Activate. 


Don't forget to publish the automation so the campaign actually gets triggered.