Assign tagging and scoring via an integration

Do you have an integration with Spotler? Then an action by a contact that is recorded in your CRM can also trigger an automation in Spotler. This is done using an external trigger.

An example automation:

Someone submits a quote request via a form from an external system. You want to apply a lead score of plus 50.


In addition to triggering campaigns with a link, you can also update tags and scores with API calls.

Calls non-contact related

  • Create a tag
  • Update a tag
  • Remove a tag
  • Get a list of tags

Calls contact related

  • Add a tag to a contact
  • Remove a tag from a contact
  • Get a list of tags from a contact

If you already work with tags and scores in your system, you can add this to a contact in Spotler with these calls.

Want to know more about the REST API documentation? Check our API-documentation.