Assign tagging and scoring in forms and surveys

You can use forms for different purposes. Think of white paper downloads, requests for demos or registration for an event. You can apply tagging and scoring to all these interactions. The scoring you want to apply can differ per form. For example, a white paper request is 'worth less' than an online demo request.

When creating a new form, you indicate in step 3 whether a tag or score should be assigned after completing a form or whether you want to remove a tag.


If you choose Tag with then you will see the following screen:


Select the tag you want to assign by clicking in the field under Select tag, you will then see the last added options, or by using the field as a search field. Then you set the score. Do you only want to add tag? Then choose a score of 0.

Assign tagging and scoring after a specific answer to a question?

Do you want to assign tagging and scoring after a specific answer? For example, if a contact has given a certain score in a customer satisfaction survey? Then you use the Automations module. The trigger of such an automatic campaign is a form or survey. To the left of the trigger settings you have the option to select a question and an answer.

The action you set is add a Tag with a score.

An example of what this looks like:

More information about how automatic campaigns and tagging work? Read the article: Tagging and scoring in automatic campaigns.