When does the automation trigger check whether a date has been reached?

The sync and the trigger go off at one time in a day. After this, the date has passed/reached. Do you want to start your automation based on a date field? Then keep in mind that Spotler checks at 00:00 at night which date has been reached. Any time later on that day, the date has already been 'reached' and the trigger will no longer go off.

If you have a sync between Spotler and another system at 00:00, it is advisable to adjust this time. This is possible when setting up your automation.

When do you not have to take this into account?

If the date in the contact's profile is in the future, you don't need to take this into account. After all, the date has yet to be reached.

Start automation based on trigger: on the day of an event

Date: February 1, 2023
Contact registers on: January 20, 2023 at 10:00 am

On February 1, 00:00 at night, the Automations module checks which contacts currently have February 1 in their profile and then triggers the campaign for these contacts.

When should you take this into account?

If the date written to the contact's profile is the date of that day. So the date has already been reached.

Start automation based on trigger: on the day of the last purchase date

Date: February 1, 2023
Contact makes a purchase on: February 1, 2023 at 10:00 AM


In the example above, the trigger does not go off. This is because February 1 has already been reached before the purchase of the contact, namely at 00:00 at night.

How do you make sure the trigger goes off?

The solution is to include a delay in the trigger. So you set the trigger as follows: last purchase date +1 day. Or several days, depending on when you want the next action to take place.


If you put a delay in the trigger, Spotler checks at 00:00: which contacts have yesterday's date in their profile? These are triggered.

Frequently asked questions

Will the e-mail also be sent at 00:00?

Yes, if you don't specify a time in the next action, it will take place at midnight. So always include a time in the step. So this email will be sent at 00:00:


You can solve this by replacing Direct in the action for Wait X hours.

Can I change the trigger to go off at a time other than 00:00?

Yes, this is possible to adjust in your automation in the settings of the trigger. Under the Start heading you will see "On the day at 00:00". Here you can adjust the time. Please note: it is still the case that the trigger goes off at one time of the day. The above explanation still applies, but at your set time.


Contacts have been triggered in my automation, how is that possible?
The moment you publish an automation, the date is checked once, so that the contacts of that day are still included in the automation. The contacts that are in the automation are probably all triggered on the day of the publication. There were no new contacts after that.