Segments based on tags en scoring

If you apply tags and scoring, you also want to see at a glance how many contacts and which contacts have achieved a specific score or tag has been assigned. This is easy to find out in the Lists module when you create a dynamic list.

Click on the action button New dynamic list and go to the editor. Then click on Selection on the left. A pop-up opens with the options All contacts and Static list. By default, the All contacts option is selected. Click OK.

You will now see the following pop-up in front of you:


If you don't use tags and scores, leave the options on Property. You make a selection based on a standard database field. For tags and scoring you have the following options:

  • Tag
  • Tag score
  • Tag score in time period


Do you want to make a selection based on tags? Then you use this option. You will see the following screen in front of you:

Select a tag under Available Items and click the arrow to select a specific tag. It is possible to select multiple tags at once. Use the double arrows to select all tags at once.

Under the Tag heading you also have the option of not selecting. This option also applies to Exclusions.
An example of a funnel based on a tag:

Tag score

There are two options to create a dynamic list based on score. The first is Tag score and the second is Tag score in time period. The difference is that with score tag in time period you make the selection more current by attaching a time period to it.

If you choose Tag score, you make a selection based on a tag and a number of scores. Several options are possible as can be seen under the heading Score.


An example of a dynamic list:

Tag score in time period

With this option you add extra relevance by attaching a period to the score. Under the heading Score  you have the options:

  • Increased by at least
  • Decreased by at least


In addition, you can indicate whether you want to apply a time period of days, weeks or months.


An example of a funnel based on Tag score in time period:


You use the lists you create in the Mailings module to send a mailing to. Or in the Messages and Web pages module, to link a dynamic content block.