Tagging and scoring in your message and webpage

You will find tagging and scoring options in various places in the Messages and Webpages module:

Add tagging and scoring based on a click

Add a tag or score to a link in your post or webpage. If a contact clicks on such a link, a tag and/or score is given to this contact. This only works for contacts that are already known in the Spotler database with an email address.

The functionality for the Messages module is the same as for the Web pages module. Go to the editors of these modules. Double click on an article block. A pop-up will open where you can edit the article. Select the link where you want to apply tagging and scoring and click the hyphen.


A new pop-up window will open. After setting the link in the General tab, click on the Update profile tab.


By default you see Update profile set to No.


Click on the radio button Yes. More options appear.


You will see that the option No tag & score is selected by default under the heading Tag & score. In this way you can make a profile change of a database field and you do not apply tags and score. The other two options you can select are; Tag with and Remove tag.

Tag with

If you choose this option, you assign a tag to a contact when that person clicks on the link. Select the tag to be added to the contact by clicking in the Select tag field. A dropdown will appear with the most recently added tags. The field works as a search field, so if you have added multiple options as tags, you can search for the tag by typing it in the field.

Do you want to add a new tag? Then type the new desired tag in the field and press Enter.


In the pop-up you will also see the Scoring option. Several options are possible here:

A tag is always needed to apply a score. Do you only want to apply a tag and no score? Then select the number 0 with the arrows.

Remove tag
It is also possible to remove a tag when someone clicks on a link. Select the tag by clicking the Select tag field or locate the tag by typing in the field.

Apply tagging and scoring as personalization

It is also possible to show tags and scores as a personalization field in your message or web page. In this way you show the contact his achieved tag or score. For example, whether someone is a gold or silver member.

Personalizing on a tag or score works just like other types of personalization fields. While editing the article block, click on the following icon:


A pop-up window will open. Choose Tag or Score from the drop-down menu.



If you choose Tag, you will see the following screen in front of you:


Select the tag you want to show and indicate whether you also want to show the corresponding score. Furthermore, it is possible to choose an alternative value that will be shown if no tag is known.


If you choose score, you will see the following screen in front of you:


Select which score you want to display and enter an alternative value if the score is unknown.

Apply tagging and scoring in a product block

It is possible to apply tagging and scoring to a product block. This works as follows:

  1. Click on the arrow next to the product block.
  2. Click Tag and score.
  3. A popup opens. Choose Tag with and enter the data for tags and scores.

The tags and scores you set apply to all links in the product block, including when there is a link behind the image.

Apply tagging and scoring in a dynamic content block

Do you have Spotler Automations or Spotler eCommerce? Then you can dynamically show content to contacts with a certain tag or score. You first create a dynamic list based on the desired tag and/or score.

Then click on the checkbox of an article block:


In the pop-up, choose Optional block and then Dynamic list.


Then choose the dynamic list you created with a tag or score and click OK. You will then see the name of the dynamic list that is linked and a green dot in the article bar. This green dot indicates that it is an optional block and therefore only visible to the dynamic list.


Example dynamic content

You have two types of customers and you want to use a different writing style for each type or different images for a higher conversion.

For example; you have a buyer persona Wim and a buyer persona Adam. Wim is an older man and likes to be addressed formally. Adam is in his thirties and prefers a casual style. Provide the tag Persona Wim or Persona Adam based on the behavior of the contact. Then you create a dynamic list based on these tags:


You can then use this dynamic list for a dynamic content block and so you can adjust your content to Adam's profile. You do the same for Wim and you also create standard article blocks for when someone does not have a tag. Also offers a general content block, so that the contacts without a tag always get to see something.