Introduction: Tagging & Scoring

Assigning a tag or a score is a powerful means of mapping the involvement of a contact. You assign a tag to the contact based on behaviour. For example: a contact downloads a white paper via a form. Set that this contact will receive a Lead tag in his contact card after this action.

Tags can be set yourself and can be applied in all kinds of ways. The purpose of tagging is to capture a phase or interest that a contact is in. By grouping contacts with the same tags, you create relevant segments. You make subsequent marketing campaigns for these segments.

By also using scoring, you make a tag more relevant and up-to-date. With scoring you give a value in numbers to a tag. Because perhaps the contact does take extra actions, such as downloading several white papers. Then set that the contact receives a +10 score within the Lead tag after downloading each white paper. Or, you may want to give more important downloads +20.

In this article we give you a practical explanation about the different places within Spotler where you can apply and find tagging and scoring.

  1. Tagging and scoring in your message or webpage (Module Messages and Webpages)
  2. Segment based on tagging and scoring (Module Lists)
  3. View tags and scores contact (Module Lists)
  4. Assign tagging and scoring in forms and surveys (Module Forms and Surveys)
  5. Assign tagging and scoring via a connector
  6. Manage tags (Settings)
  7. Tagging and scoring in automatic campaigns (Module Automations)
    Step 7 is only applicable for the products Spotler Automation and Spotler eCommerce.