Campaign: White paper download

By offering valuable content, for example in the form of a white paper, you collect leads. We call this principle Gated content. The lead gives his data in exchange for free knowledge. You then have data such as telephone number and e-mail address, which makes it easy for your Sales colleague to follow up on this lead.

In this step-by-step plan we explain how you can easily set up a white paper download in Spotler. Don't have any white papers to offer? You can also use this step-by-step plan as a guideline for applying for other knowledge documents.

Getting started

Spotler has a standard template for a white paper download campaign. You can always expand or adjust the campaign flow as desired. The campaign flow of the template white paper download looks like this:

Goal = Generate leads
Trigger campaign = The trigger for this campaign is a form
Campaign = After requesting the white paper, a message will be sent immediately with the download link. If this link is not clicked after 4 days, the applicant will receive a reminder. If someone does not click within 4 days, the campaign will stop. When a contact does click on the download link, he will always receive a follow-up email. In a follow-up email you can write: "Maybe these white papers are for you too?" or "What did you think of the white paper?".

You go through the following steps when you use our standard template:

  1. Compose form white paper download
  2. Compose messages white paper download
  3. New automation
  4. Publish automation

You use the following modules for this:



1.Compose white paper form

This campaign requires one form.

  1. White paper download
    The white paper download form is the trigger for this campaign. You create the form in the Forms module. You then place the form on your own website. You can read more about this in the article: Export and integrate form.
    Integrating Forms

    Tip: also directly opt-in for the newsletter on this form.

2. Compose messages white paper download

You compose three messages for this campaign:

  1. White paper download
    Include a link to the download of the white paper in the message. If desired, upload the white paper in the Documents module.
  2. White paper reminder
    Try using a different subject line to trigger the reader to click and use basic motivators for this, such as: "Be quick, the link is only valid for 4 days" (motivator: fear) or "Learn successfully..."(motivator: personal development).
  3. White paper follow-up
    In this post you can make recommendations for other white papers or ask what someone thought of the white paper.

3. New automation

You go through the following steps in the Automations module:

  1. Click on the yellow button New automation.
  2. In step 1 you enter a name in the Properties, for example; White paper download: {name white paper}.
  3. In step 2 you choose whether you want to make a choice from the standard templates or a template that you have saved. By default, the choice is on Default templates. Click the Download White Paper template and click Save & Next.
  4. In step 3, click on the blue Edit button to open the editor.
  5. The campaign flow is ready. It looks like this in the editor:


    The download form you created in step 1. You must first set this as a trigger. Click on the trigger on the canvas and select the appropriate white paper download form on the left.

    Action 1:

    Someone requests a white paper using a form. When this happens, a White paper download message is sent immediately.

    You will see that the Send action is not yet fully set up. The correct message has not yet been selected. Click on the send action and then you can select the message you created earlier on the left. In this case: White paper download.

    Condition 1:
    The interaction is checked based on a click in the white paper download email. The interaction is not yet fully set up. Choose the message where the interaction takes place and select the correct link. In this case the message: White paper download.

    Select the download link that goes to the white paper. If a click is made within 4 days, a contact will follow the Yes-path. If someone does not click after 4 days, they will follow the No-path.

    The Send action: Send-email has not yet been set in this path. Click on the action and select the message on the left: White paper follow-up. This action is set to immediate by default, if desired you can wait a few hours or days.

    If the contact who requested the white paper download does not click in the message, he will receive a white paper reminder. Customize the Send action by clicking and selecting the appropriate message: White paper reminder.

    The interaction on the white paper download is not yet fully set up. Click on the interaction and select the message: White paper reminder and the link where the interaction should take place (the download link).

3. Publish automation

Activate the automatic campaign by publishing it in the Publisher. You can read more about this in the article: Publisher.