Campaign: Product review

Reviews are valuable for your online store. Did you know that 90% of your potential customers read reviews. The webshop with the most relevant reviews offers confidence and therefore has an advantage. In addition, it is unique content that contributes to the ranking in search engines. So collect those reviews!

Getting started

An automatic 'product review campaign' in your Spotler account makes collecting reviews very easy. Spotler has a standard template for a product review campaign. You can always expand or adjust the campaign flow as desired. The campaign flow for the product review looks like this:


Purpose = Collecting reviews to attract potential customers
Trigger campaign
= This campaign is started by your webshop as soon as a purchase has been made. This is done by means of an external trigger. The link with your webshop makes it possible to load the purchased product in your message.
Campaign=A message with the purchased product(s) will be sent automatically 14 days after the purchase. The customer is asked to write a review for each product.

You go through the following steps to publish this product review campaign:

  1. Compose message product review
  2. New automation
  3. Linking product review in your webshop
  4. Publish the automation

You use the following modules for this:



1. Compose message product review

First of all, you prepare a message for your product review campaign. You can read exactly how to do this in the article: How do I compose a product review message?

Don't forget to set your campaign message to Final status, otherwise it will not be selectable in the editor.


2. New automation

You go through the following steps in the Automations module:

  1. Click on the yellow button New automation
  2. In step 1 you enter a name in the Properties, for example; Product review campaign.
  3. In step 2 you choose whether you want to make a choice from the default templates or a template that you have saved. By default, the choice is on default templates. Click the Product review template and click Save & Next.


  4. In step 3, click on the blue Edit button to open the editor.
  5. The campaign flow is ready. This one looks like this:


    Trigger:External trigger. You use this code in your webshop so that your webshop can notify Spotler when the automatic campaign needs to be started. See step 3 about linking product review with your webshop.
    Action:A message will be sent 14 days after purchase. But you can of course adjust this to your liking.

    You will see that the Send action is not yet fully set up. The correct message has not yet been selected. Click on the send action and then you can select the message you created earlier on the left.


3. Linking product review in your webshop

Spotler needs a signal from your webshop to start the automatic campaign. Based on a campaign code, Spotler knows which automatic campaign should be triggered. You see this code when you apply an external trigger as a trigger. Such a code is therefore unique per automatic campaign and can be copied manually or retrieved with a Rest API.

Do you have a link with Magento 2? Then contact Spotler. For other links, please contact your Spotler partner.

4. Publishing the automation

To activate the automatic campaign, publish it in the Publisher. You can read more about this in the article: Publisher.