How do I change the page title of my Spotler webpage?

The page title of your Spotler webpage is the name of your organization and is displayed in the tab of your browser.


For the digital accessibility of your web page, it is better to adjust this title to a more specific description. This makes it easier, for example, to switch tabs by voice. So the above example might be better "Spotler Instructions Certificate LinkedIn".

Adjust page title Spotler webpage

Since the content of every page is not the same, the page title is something you have to manually adjust yourself. You do this in the code of the template.

  • Open the web page whose page title you want to change
  • In the editor, click More and then Show source code.


  • You are now in the code of the page. At the top you will see your organization name between <title></title>


  • Change the page title here and don't forget to save the web page.
    An example:


  • Now the page title looks like this in the browser:


The same is possible for the online version of mailings, but in a different way. For more information on that, read this article: changing the page title of the online version of a message.