How does a product block work?

eCommerce accounts only

Does your webshop have a connection with Spotler Mail+. That makes it easy to select products from your webshop into your message, using the Product element. Drag the element into your message and you will see the following options appear on the left side of the screen:product_menu.png

Product content

  • Product: choose between Static or Dynamic:
    Static means that you select a specific product from your webshop to add to your message. When you click on Static, a popup will appear that contains the products from your webshop which you can select. 


    The Dynamic option is meant for abandoned cart or product review messages. The products shown vary per contact. You can read more on creating an abandoned cart or product review message in the following articles: How do I compose an abandoned cart message? and how do I compose a product review message? 
  • Layout: you can choose to show the articles horizontally or vertically. With dynamic products you can only show products vertically.
  • Items per row: when you have decided to show the articles horizontally, you can also decide how many items should be shown next to each other.
  • Add: decide what product information should be shown. Your product block is divided into a header, left column and footer. Select which data you want to show where.
    It is possible to rearrange items by dragging them with your cursor. You can delete items by clicking on the bin icon.

Product style

  • Padding: create spacing around all products.

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