How do I apply a dynamic sender?

A dynamic sender is a form of personalized mailing. It means that each contact will see a different sender in the inbox fields.

To give an example:

From: Omar Roy from Spotler
Subject: The most read articles from 2021 for you
Snippet: Articles about the GDPR are popular


From: Marlies from Spotler
Subject: The most read articles from 2021 for you
Snippet: Articles about the GDPR are popular

In this example, each contact will see its own account manager as the sender. There are more ways to apply a dynamic sender. For example, based on Location, such as Spotler UK or Spotler NL.

In this article, we'll discuss the following about a dynamic sender:

How does a dynamic sender work?

A dynamic sender is associated with a database value. In the above example, the Accountmanager database field must be filled in for a contact.

The value in the database field determines the reply address and sender name. The contact below has as account manager: Marlies. Then the sender name and reply address linked to Marlies will be shown in the inbox of Gudo.


To use dynamic sender in your message, first add the dynamic senders in your Spotler account settings.

How do you set up a dynamic sender? ?

Go to Settings in your profile menu, click on the Security tab and scroll down to the Dynamic sender heading.


Enabling a dynamic sender

Click the Edit button. A popup will appear. Click on enable and you will see a dropdown menu where you can choose a database field.


Choose the database field you want to apply to the Dynamic Sender and click OK. An example could be Location or Account Manager:


A new pop-up will appear where you can set a default for the sender name and reply address. The default sender is shown if there is no dynamic sender associated with the contact. For example, because the Location field is empty.



Reply address not selectable?

Have you set up DMARC? Then the domain for your reply address for your dynamic sender must also be DMARC authenticated, otherwise it is not possible to select it as the reply address.

When you click OK you will see that a heading has been added, namely; Dynamic sender list.

Add dynamic senders

After enabling the dynamic sender, you will see the default values and the action button Add sender.


Click Add Sender to add dynamic senders based on your chosen database field. In this example, it is Location. Enter what the Sender Name is and which Reply address should be linked to it. Spotler must then recognize from the entered database value which sender must be displayed. This means that the value must exactly match what is stated with a contact.


An example of what it might look like:


The situation of the above example is as follows; if a contact has in his contact card in the database field Location: Zoetermeer, the sender name Spotler NL is shown and the reply address is: If a contact has a Location: Guildford, the sender name will be Spotler UK and the reply address will be:

Does a contact have none of the above values? Then the default sender name is: Spotler Education and reply address:

Making changes

To make changes or remove an option, move your mouse over the line. You will see the option to open a menu.


Click on edit to make a change or remove it if you no longer want to use the option.

How to link a dynamic sender to a message?

You have completed the steps above and enabled the dynamic sender. When you now compose a new message, you will automatically see the sender and reply address [dynamic sender].


You do not need to take any further actions. If you have a message for which you do not want to apply a dynamic sender, choose a different reply address in the dropdown. The Sender (Sender Name) will then also become editable again.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I disable the dynamic sender feature?

It is not possible to just disable the function. Please contact our Support department to arrange this.

How do I customize the chosen database field for the dynamic sender?
Please contact our Support department if you want to use a different database field for the dynamic sender.
Can I create a dynamic sender from multiple database fields?
No this is not possible. Spotler can determine which sender should be shown on the basis of one value. When a contact meets several values, it is not possible to determine which sender should be shown.
What happens if a contact has no value in the associated database field?

At that time, the default you have set will be shown. You can see the default in the overview of the dynamic sender list.

Can I also use the dynamic sender in campaign messages?

You can. This works exactly the same as any other message.