How do I add personal recommendations to my message?

In Spotler it is possible to add personal recommendations to your campaign message. A number of conditions and steps are required for this:

  1. Conditions to get started
  2. Copy URL from Squeezely or Datatrics
  3. Add a recommendation block in your message

Conditions to get started

  • You have an integration with Squeezely or Datatrics.
  • Recommendations only work for contacts that are in your CDP system
  • You have a special recommendations block in your template.
    Our Professional Services Team can create a recommendation block for you. Think in advance about what information you want to show in a product block, such as price, image, etc. Request a recommendation block via this page.

Copy URL from Squeezely or Datatrics

Before you get started in Spotler, copy a url of a product set from your CDP system.


In Squeezely you will see different Product Sets. You may or may not see a fall-back behind each product set. If no fall-back is set, no products will be sent in the e-mail if no products are present in the product set at the time of sending.

Choose which product set you want to add to your message in Spotler. Click on the three dots behind the desired product sheet. You will then see the RRS feed and View option. Click RSS feed.


A pop-up will open for the RSS Feed link. Copy the first link from the gray area.


Do you want a limit on the number of products shown in your message? This can be set later in Spotler.


You can retrieve the feed you need for the personal recommendations from your Touchpoint. You should have previously created a Touchpoint in the Journeys module.


Click on the Touchpoint and a feed will open. Copy the link by clicking Copy.


Do you want a limit on the number of products shown in your message? This can be set later in Spotler.

Link copied? Then go to Spotler.

Add a recommendation block in your post

If you have a recommendations block available in your template, you can add it in the editor of the message module. You'll see an option under your Editor-options: Recommendations.


Drag the Recommendations block onto your canvas and double click on it. Add the url you copied earlier from your CDP system. You can indicate in Spotler how many products should be displayed.


To check whether products have actually been loaded from the feed, use the preview function.


soumaya_bullhorn.png Add personal recommendations to your (bulk) mailing
The recommendations block is most powerful in a campaign message. In a (bulk) mailing, the recommendations blocks are static. The products are picked up for sending the email, but they are the same for everyone.

Applying a recommendation block in a (bulk) mailing can be interesting if you want to show the top 20 best-selling products in your newsletter.