You can schedule an automation via the Publisher tab. We call this a publication. All publications of automations can be found in this tab.


From the publisher overview there are several steps to take:

Start a new publication

Click on New publication to schedule an automation. A step-by-step plan then starts:


Step 1 - Properties

In the first step, you give the publication a name. Provide a recognizable name, so that you and your colleagues know what the automation means. In addition, you set the participation of the contacts and you select the automation that you want to publish.

The following options can be set when participating:

  • Unlimited
    An automation keeps going off every time an event/action occurs again.
  • Unlimited with waiting period of X-months after last triggered
    It is possible to specify a waiting time when someone can be retriggered in an automation
  • Once while automation is running
    A contact only enters the automation again if he has gone through all the steps of the campaign and the event/action takes place again.
  • Once
    The automation will go off once for a contact, regardless of whether the event/action occurs again.

After selecting the automation, you will see a preview of the flow of the automation. When you click on the example, it will be enlarged and you will see the flow in detail.


Click Next to go to the next step.


Can't you select the automation in step 1?
Then it is likely that your automation does not have the status Final. Only automations that have a definitive status can be scheduled. This prevents you from accidentally activating concepts. If you want to know how to change the status of an automation, see Change the status of your automation.

Step 2 - Publish

In the second step, you enter a start date for your publication and an end date, if any.


Click Next to go to the last step.

Step 3 - Confirm

In the very last step you see a small summary of the publication. Check the checkbox to confirm that the publication can go live. Then click on Save & Finish.


The menu of a publication

There are several actions from a publication's menu:


Action Function

View the report of your publication. Do you want to know how the report is structured? Read the article Report automation.


Do you want to stop publishing? Then choose this action. A popup will appear:

Make a choice which actions should be stopped. Do you want all triggers and actions to be stopped immediately for the contacts in the flow? Or do you want the flow to be completed for the contacts, but no new contacts may be added to the flow?

In addition, enter a stop date and click Ok.


With this action you view the flow of your automation and you see the properties of the publication.


This feature speaks for itself. You change the name of your publication. Note that if you change the name of a publication, this will also change in the overview of your Automations.


Do you use folders? With this function you move a publication in a folder.


You can only delete publications that have stopped.


Want to make changes to your published automation?
Suppose you want to add an extra condition, action or flow to your automation, such as a notification email. Keep in mind that you will stop the current publication of your automation. Then republish the automation. Changes to automations are not reflected in current publications.