Would you like to change your phone number or last name? You can do this under My profile


Click on the Edit button under your details. 


Next, you will be able to change your details in the pop-up.

Time Zone and Language

Changing the time zone and language affects the functionalities within your Spotler account. Both the time zone and the language are adjusted at the user level and not at the account level.


When you change the language in your profile, the interface will be displayed in this language and a number of functionalities are tailored to your language, such as creating a form or survey. The settings will then default to the language you have selected.

Time zone

When you reached the time zone in the past and it impacted mailing scheduling and publishing automations. The schedule is then adjusted to your time zone. This only applies to you as a user. When a user in your account has set a different time zone, you will see the times based on their selected time zone.

Email communication

Would you like to change the permission for the Spotler newsletter? Then click on the Edit button under Permission Spotler Update. This way, you can stay informed about any developments of Spotler.