When do you use a form of the type Subscribe and when of the type Normal?

Would you like to use a form for a one-off event, such as a seminar, trade fair, request, etc.? And is it not necessary that the data of the respondents is stored in Spotler’s database, only that it’s stored in the form? In that case, you can use a form of the type Normal. The respondents to a normal form are therefore separate from the contacts in the Lists module.

Conversely, forms/surveys of the type Subscribe do make information be stored or overwritten in the database. You could use a Subscribe type form to collect newsletter subscriptions. Contacts who subscribe are then added as a new contact in the database. If a contact was already known to the database, their information will be supplemented or overwritten. 

Maurice_bordrechts_lightbulb.png Collecting newsletter subscriptions through your Event form
On the registration form of an event, you can add the option that the respondent can immediately sign up for the newsletter. Would you like these contacts to be added to the database right away? Then use a form of the type Subscribe.