Web analytics

The Web analytics option is set to Inactive by default. If you want to use this, you can activate it in Web analytics, under the heading Integrations.


Google analytics/snoobi

Move your cursor across the line Google analytics/Snoobi and click on the button Change status to activate Google Analytics/Snoobi. A pop-up will appear:


Click on Active and then on OK.

Would you like to know more about how to apply Web analytics to your Spotler webpage or message? Then read the article: How does Google Analytics work in Spotler and which settings should I use?

Extra parameters

Aside from Google analytics/Snoobi, it is also possible to add other parameters to your message. This can be useful if you wish to measure in your external system which contacts end up on your website via the email. Activating extra parameters works the same as activating Google Analytics/Snoobi. Move your cursor across the line you will see the button Change status. Next, switch the parameters to Active in the pop-up.