Spotler Automation

You can activate the REST API by clicking on the blue Activate text link under the heading Integrations


You will then see the Key and Secret that you need to link another system to your Spotler account using the REST API. 


Would you like to know more about configuring the API? Read more about it in the article Introduction to API.

Spotler eCommerce

If you have the Spotler eCommerce product, you will see other settings than with Spotler Automation. The REST API is enabled by default, so you can link to your webstore.


Another option that you see is Webstore URL's for conversion tracking. Add the URL's of your webstore(s) here. If the links in your e-mailing start with one of the specified URL's, then Spotler adds special code, so that your web store is able to report the conversion when someone has completed an order.