Changing your email address

Would you like to change your email address as a user? You can do this in My profile, under the tab Security.


Click on the Change button under Email address. A pop-up will appear:


Complete the desired email address and the password of your Spotler account. If you have Two-factor authentication (TFA) enabled, you must also complete the code. You will receive an email to confirm that you wish to change the email address.

Omar_bord_serieus.png New user? Don't change the details!
If you have a new user, e.g. because a colleague has left, it is better to delete the old user and create a new user, instead of changing the details of an existing user. If you create a new user by changing the details of an old user, all actions performed by the previous user are placed under the new name. Read more about user management in the article Users.