Under preferences there are various general settings to apply:


Message settings 

Do you want to automatically insert a text version instead of automatically drafting the text version of your message? Then click the button Edit under Message settings


A pop-up opens where you can turn on the option Manual.


In the step-by-step plan of creating a message in the Message module, there is an additional step to manually format the text version. 

Online store settings (product eCommerce)

Under these settings you determine the currency that you see in your reports, among other things. You also indicate the notation.


Click the Edit button to adjust the currency. 


It is also possible to determine the notation in this window. 


You can see the currency in the communication value and in the reports. 

Maximum message size

You can see here how heavy your message can be:


This is set so that the recipient of your message does not have to download heavy images and your message is loaded quickly. 

Mailing reporting settings

Are you bound by guidelines regarding to measuring communication and conversion? In the mailing reporting settings, it is possible to switch off the open pixel that Spotler gives to measure opens. This applies to both mailings and campaign messages.

Is there nothing measured at all for the reports? Yes, if the recipient clicks himself, then the click is registered and this is also measured as open. 

These settings can only be adjusted by the owner of the Spotler-account. To change the settings, click on the Edit button.


A pop-up appears:


Enable or disable the pixel to measure opens. This is switched enabled by default.