How do I create a new user?

To create a new user, both the owner of the Spotler account and the new user must take an action:

Step 1 - Create new user

When you have the Owner role in your Spotler account, you can create new users. You do this in the user management at Settings -> Account & Billing -> Users (under the heading Access).


Click on the New user button. A pop-up window will appear to enter data.


Step 2 - Activate new user

The activation details are sent to the new user by email. Has this email not arrived after a few minutes? Check that there are no typos in the e-mail address and check that the email has not accidentally ended up in the spam box.


Activation link expired?

Do you get a message that the activation link has expired? Ask the account owner to resend it. This can be done by the owner via Settings > Account & Billing > Users (under Access).

Click the button in the email. You will arrive at the screen below.


If Single Sign-On is activated in your account, you will see an extra option and follow an alternative step-by-step plan. This can also be enforced by your organization.

Otherwise, click on Spotler (Username and password).


Note: this is the only time you will see your username. Save it, along with the password, in a safe place such as a password manager.

Save your password and your user is activated.

If Two-Step Verification is activated in your account, additional steps will follow.

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