How do I add a reply address?

If you want to add a new or an extra reply address, go to the account settings. Under the heading Deliverability in the tab Security, you will see an overview of the reply addresses. Here, you can add a new reply address. 


Click on the button New reply address to add a reply address. A pop-up will appear. Enter your reply address and then click on OK


The new reply address will become visible in the overview.


The reply address is not activated right away; you can tell this by the red dot. First, an email will be sent to the requested reply address. This is for security reasons. This way, if the wrong address was entered, this person or company can't send emails from your Spotler account. Confirm the new reply address in the email and the status will change to Activated

If your new reply address is also to a new sending domain, that domain will appear in the domains list, just below the reply addresses. From there you can start the DMARC process, see below.

Next step: set up DMARC

The reply addresses are set. The next step is to set up DMARC. DMARC is a technique that validates the sending address and the sending server (platform from which the mail is sent). This shows that your mailings are not phishing mails. It reduces the SPAM score of your mailings as e-mail servers increasingly expect your mails to be properly secured. So this benefits your delivery.

Go to the manual to set up DMARC.