Database fields

Do you need extra database fields in your account, because you want to collect more data with your forms? Or would you like to edit database fields? As the owner of an account, you have an overview of the database fields and you can add and edit them. 


You can find the overview of database fields by going to Settings in your account settings. On the left, click on Database fields (under the heading Database). On the right, you will now see an overview of all your database fields.


Adding database fields

If you scroll down through the overview, you will find Profile fields (Profile 1, Profile 2, Profile 3, etc.). A profile field is a field that you can add to your forms to enrich the data of your contacts. A characteristic of a profile field is that it can be completed freely by the respondent.  Examples are "Company name", or "Place of residence".

The profile fields are set to invisible by default. You can tell by the crossed-out eye icon. If you have the role of Owner, you can adjust a profile field and add database fields that way. Move your cursor across the line of a profile field and you will see the option of a drop-down menu. Conversely, you can right-click on the line. 


In the drop-down menu, you will see two options:

  • Change visibility
  • Rename

Change visibility
Profile fields are set to Invisible by default. With this option, you can activate the profile field. That way, the profile field can be used for forms and surveys.

Drag a standard text field into your form and then link it to the desired database field with the link icon (paper clip). This way, the answers of a form can be saved or modified in the database (possible for Registration forms and Change profile information forms).


If you click on the paper clip, a pop-up will appear. From this screen, you can link questions to a database field. Is the status still set to Invisible? If so, the field cannot be selected in the pop-up. To change this, change the visibility of the field in the account settings.

With this option, you can give the profile field a recognizable name.

Edit database fields

As an Owner, in addition to being able to add database fields and assign names to database fields, you also have the option of adjusting the content (answering options) of list fields. One type of list field is a field in which the answering options are predefined. A contact can therefore tick multiple boxes with this type of field. An example of a list field is "Interests". A person might be interested in both patio furniture and outdoor plants. The contact will then tick the boxes of multiple interests.

To change the answering options of a list field, move your cursor across a line of the profile field. A drop-down menu will appear, which shows the option Set items


If you click on this, the following pop-up will appear: 


In this pop-up, you can:

  • Rename: change the name of the answering option
  • Remove: remove an answering option
  • Add item: add new answering options