Connecting with Shopware 5

The connection between your Shopware webshop (as yet, only version 5) and your Spotler account is established via Mandrino's Connector Platform. For this purpose, you must install the plugin developed by Mandrino in your Shopware webshop. On the Connector Platform, the link is set up in such a way that the source system (Shopware) can communicate with the target system (Spotler account) through the Spotler REST API. It works like this:


The Spotler plugin for Shopware retrieves the data from your Shopware webshop and then transfers it to your Spotler account. Periodically, permission changes are retrieved from Spotler and are forwarded by the Connector Platform to Shopware through the plugin. That way, all systems remain up to date.

Requirements for a successful connection

There are a couple of requirements for connecting quickly and easily:

  • You are running Shopware version 5.
  • You have installed the Mandrino plugin. Mandrino provides an implementation manual for this. If you don't have the plugin yet, please request it from Mandrino.
  • Each Shopware webshop is linked to Spotler with one Mandrino plugin. If you wish to link multiple shops, you will need multiple plugin licenses.
  • From Spotler to Shopware, only permission(s) and bounces are returned.


Mandrino connects Spotler's standard fields to the relevant fields in Shopware. Check the connection of fields and, if necessary, coordinate with Mandrino about adjustments to the connector. Important to find out in advance:

  • Determine what a contact's unique key (unique ID) is, such as customer number or account number.
  • If you are using Shopware Enterprise B2B, please let us know if you want to synchronize sub contacts in addition to main contacts.
  • Shopware contains one email permission (opt-in) by default, and therefore, so does the plugin. If you are having multiple permissions built-in in Shopware for use in Spotler, Mandrino needs adjust the plugin for you. Please communicate this information in a timely fashion.