Tips and Tricks

In this article, we will give you some useful tips & tricks about:

Changing the appearance of your screen

After logging in to your Spotler account, you can change the appearance of your screen with any of these following steps:

  1. Creating folders
  2. Changing the page numbers
  3. Changing the table view
  4. Changing the appearance of your screen into a grid view


  1. Creating folders

In Spotler, it is possible to create folders in any module. This is very helpful for finding items and therefore maintaining a proper overview.

If you do not use folders yet, start by making a logical folder structure, such as "January 2019". You can put the rest in the archive for the time being. The animation below shows how to easily create a folder using the plus icon.


After entering your folder name you can click on the the tick icon to add the folder. But it's even faster to press Enter.


  1. Changing the page numbers

In each overview, at the bottom of the page, you can choose the number of items that will be displayed on your screen. You can choose from 12, 24, 48 or 96 items.

Some might prefer to see as many items on their screen as possible, while others might prefer to keep their screen as clear as possible.

The animation below shows how to adjust the number of items displayed on your screen.



  1. Changing the table view

When you are in the table view, you have the possibility of sorting your items. The sorting options are different for each module. By clicking the arrows next to the column name, you can sort alphabetically, by newest, or by oldest items.

This will allow you to quickly find items in the table view.


  1. Changing the appearance of your screen into a grid view

In the Images module, you have the option to choose: a list view of your images, or a grid view which will show thumbnails of your images. This appearance adjustment is possible for both the tab Overview and the tab Archive.

Click on the following button to adjust your list view to a grid view:


You will now see thumbnails of your images on your screen. It is possible to play GIF animations in this view, and you will easily recognize images. Would you like to return to the list view? Then click on the following button:


Use the view that works best for you. 


Working faster in Spotler

There are a couple of actions that will allow you to work faster in Spotler:

  1. Finding items
  2. Instantly opening editing menus
  3. Instantly opening editors
  4. Selecting multiple items simultaneously
  5. Moving multiple items simultaneously
  6. Instantly viewing an email preview
  7. Instantly navigating in step-by-step plans
  8. Uploading multiple items simultaneously

1. Finding Items

Would you like to quickly find a message, image, webpage or any other item? If you use the search box under the Name column, you will quickly find your item and won't have to go through all the pages.



2. Instantly opening editing menus

In every table view, it is possible to instantly open an editing menu. You can open the menu using the option on the far-right of the row and the editing menu will appear. But the quickest way is to move your cursor across a row, right-click.


3. Instantly opening editors

Do you want to go straight to the editor for changing your message, form, survey or web page? Then select Open editor. This will skip all intermediary steps and will open the editor immediately. This can be helpful if you just want to place a new header image in your message, for example.


If you do want to change something in the intermediary steps, such as a subject line, you must choose Edit in the menu.

4. Selecting multiple items simultaneously

There are two ways to select multiple items simultaneously:

  1. Check the checkbox in front of every item.
  2. Click on the row of the item and hold the CTRL key while selecting each following item.

The second option is the fastest. 

Multiple_selections.gif5. Moving multiple items simultaneously

There are three ways to move multiple items to a folder simultaneously.

  1. Click on Move in the drop-down menu of the item and a select the desired folder.
  2. Check the checkbox of the item you wish to move. A menu will appear at the top right where you can select Move. Click on the button and select the desired folder.
  3. Drag items to the correct folder with your mouse.

The third option is the fastest for moving items. 

Moving_item.gif6. Instantly viewing an email preview

If you double-click an item in a row, a preview will appear immediately. The animation below shows how this works.

Open_preview.gif7. Instantly navigating in step-by-step plans

When you have completed several steps in the step-by-step plan, you can quickly navigate between steps by clicking on the desired step, on the left side in the navigation.

This way, you do not have to keep clicking on the Next or Back button, but can go to the desired step with one click instead.


8. Uploading multiple items simultaneously

Did you know that there are two ways to quickly upload multiple items to Spotler simultaneously?

  1. Upload a zip file and automatically extract the file.
  2. Select multiple images on your computer and drag them to the upload window.