Set up loyalty campaign

The mailing of the loyalty campaign is ready in Spotler. Now, you must set up the automatic campaign. This can be done in the Campaigns module.


Click on the button New campaign. In the first step you must name the campaign and indicate how often someone can participate in the campaign. In step 2, click on Edit. You will then see the following screen:


Every automated campaign in Spotler always consists of two parts:

  1. Campaign trigger(s)
    A starting trigger is what prompts a campaign. It tells Spotler that something needs to happen. What causes an automatic campaign to start?
  2. Campaign steps
    Because of the trigger, Spotler knows that it has to do something. Next comes a campaign step, which could be a message and/or an SMS being sent, or information getting edited.


Start trigger

The start trigger for the loyalty campaign is the start date of the customer relation with the contact. Select the trigger Personal date field.


A pop-up window will appear in which you can complete the key properties of the trigger.



  • The trigger name
  • The date field that should trigger the trigger
  • Date/time to schedule the trigger

Start time

In the example, we chose six months after the start of the customer relation. Which moment (or moments) best fits your situation depends on the life cycle of the customer. How long does a customer stay on average? If you work with subscriptions, it might be useful to adjust the timing accordingly, for example 3 months before the subscription expires. After all, the purpose of the loyalty campaign is to extend the life cycle of the customer relationship.

Next, click on OK.

Campaign step

After setting up the trigger, you are going to determine the campaign step. So, in this case, sending the loyalty email. Select Send email.


A pop-up will appear.


In the pop-up, give the campaign step a name. Select a message and indicate when your loyalty campaign should be triggered for your contact. Don't forget to select a logical time in the campaign step. A date trigger always goes off at midnight. If the campaign step is set to Direct, the mailing will be sent overnight. One might wonder whether that is an effective time.

Are you satisfied with your campaign settings? Then click on OK.

Target group filters

The campaign flow looks like this:


Still missing, are the target group filters. Contacts must meet certain conditions to be included in the loyalty campaign, namely: at least an opt-in for your mailings.

You can set up the target group filter with the trigger and with the campaign step. In the drop-down menu, click on Filter.


A pop-up will appear. Here, you are going to select the dynamic list with contacts that should fall within this campaign. 


Next, you will see the filter appear in the flow.


This ensures that the trigger and campaign step only apply to customers with an opt-in. Would you like to use the campaign for multiple dynamic lists? If so, only set up the filter on the campaign steps. In that case, the one step applies to group A and the other step to group B. 

Click Close editor and Save & finish to complete the campaign. You will return to the Overview

Activating the campaign

To activate a campaign, you have to change the status of the campaign to Active. Click on Change status in the drop-down menu behind the campaign of which you want to change the status. 


A pop-up window will appear, in which you can change the status by clicking on Active.



Omar_bord_serieus.png Activate the campaign before importing start data
Activate the campaign first, then import the start data of customers from the Lists module. This way, you can test the campaign without any problems and without "real" loyalty emails being sent.

Changing an active campaign to inactive

When you change an active campaign to inactive, the campaign will stop immediately. The campaign steps that were scheduled for your contacts will no longer be executed.

Editing the campaign message

Once the loyalty email is included in the campaign, Spotler moves the message to the tab Campaign messages. You will therefore no longer find it in the Overview. This is to protect the messages from accidentally being deleted. Do you want to edit the message? You can do this through the tab Campaign messages