Introduction loyalty campaign


Marketeers often give more attention to welcoming and birthday campaigns than loyalty campaigns. And yet, it pays to put energy into loyalty campaigns as well. After all, your existing customers are valuable and are essential to the continuity of your company. By remaining a customer, they ensure that your company is successful, through word-of-mouth advertising and perhaps even as a 'brand ambassador'.

With relatively little effort, a loyalty campaign makes it possible to give some extra attention to existing customers. By going the extra mile, customers will appreciate you more, which will allow you to extend the customer relationship. And a nice side effect: this type of email scores remarkably high in terms of open/click-through rate and is a proven concept in the field of branding.

This is how it works in Spotler

As a thank you for their loyalty, a customer automatically receives an email with a gift after being a customer for a period of X. At its core, the campaign will look like this:


We call this the 'basic' loyalty campaign for a reason. Feel free to create variations to this campaign! Variations could include multiple sending dates, with a certain structure for the gifts. And if it's someone's 5-year anniversary, you may want to celebrate it a little extra.

You will go through a couple of steps in Spotler. These include editing the campaign message, activating the campaign and testing the campaign. You will make use of the following modules:


Within 5 steps, you will have the basic campaign working in your own Spotler account:

  1. Preparing the loyalty campaign target group
  2. Creating the loyalty campaign message
  3. Set up the loyalty campaign
  4. Testing the loyalty campaign
  5. Viewing the reports of the loyalty campaign