Testing the loyalty campaign

The automatic campaign is now completely configured and active. To be sure that the whole process runs smoothly, it is good to test the campaign. You can do this by entering a (made up) start date in your own contact card in the Lists module, which will soon trigger the campaign. If you use interests-based content in your loyalty email, it is useful to add it to your contact card too, to make sure all the elements work properly.

Is your own email address missing from the Lists module? Then add yourself by using the yellow button New contact. While testing, pay attention to the following:


  • Spelling
  • Tone of voice


  • Does the campaign get activated (is it triggered)?
  • Is the campaign message sent at the right time?

Campaign message

  • Are the subject line, snippet and sender name correct?
  • Are all images visible?
  • Is everything aligned properly?
  • Are all click-throughs working properly?
  • Are all standard links, such as unsubscribing, forwarding and contact working properly?
  • Does the personalization and/or dynamic content work?
  • Can I activate the gift?

You can verify the test points listed under the heading Campaign in the campaign reports. Read more about it in the chapter Loyalty campaign reports, in this step-by-step plan.