Creating the profile enrichment message

The list is ready for the profile enrichment action. Time to create the message for the profile enrichment action. Just like with a 'regular' newsletter, you will get started in the Messages module. In the Overview of the Messages module, click on New Message.

Do you need help creating a message? Please read the description of New message.

How can data be supplemented?

Your reader has been triggered by your message and would like to supplement their details. How can they best do that? There are two options: 

  1. Link to Change profile page
  2. Profile enrichment through clicks

1. Link to Change profile page

To make it easy for a reader to supplement their information, you can link to the Change profile page of your newsletter by using an eye-catching button. In the example below, it's the footer link "Even voorstellen" ("Let me introduce myself").


Add a link

Add a link to your button or text. Choose Link to landing page in Spotler.
Then select the profile change page from the Web Pages module.

2. Profile enrichment through clicks

A slightly more effective solution is allowing the reader to indicate their preference(s) in the email itself. This saves the reader a click and increases the chance of a response. This option is particularly useful when asking about interests.

Below, you can see an example in which the reader can indicate their preferred cities like Antwerpen (Antwerp) and Londen (London) by clicking on an image. By clicking on the image, the box of the reader's preference is checked behind the scenes, in the database. The reader is redirected to a Thank you page and is told that their preference is confirmed. 


How can you do this yourself? Edit your message in the Messages module and link the relevant button/image/text to a Thank you page by clicking on the link icon. Select External link with tracking.


You have created the thank you page in advance in the Web pages module or created it within your website. Then click the Update profile tab.
Edit link.png
You can both customize a database field in terms of contact interest and add a tag. Do you have the Automations module at your disposal? Then it is useful to use a tag. A tag can trigger an automatic campaign. 

Database field

Select the database field you want to change.

You use the On slider to indicate whether the check mark should be checked or turned off.


By providing a tag, it is possible to set up an automatic follow-up campaign based on this.

This is how you do it for each image/text/button that you want to link to an interest.

Other tips for the message

When creating the message for the profile enrichment action, you could also think of the following:

A clear CTA

Include a clear Call to Action (CTA) for supplementing the profile. A prominent button in an eye-catching color usually works better than a text link. Don't just link one element, the CTA, but also headlines, text links, images, etc. There is always more than one way to achieve your goal. 

Choose one message

Focus the message on collecting a specific item of information. This will be more effective than harassing your readers with requests to complete their entire profile. For example, only ask for a date of birth, or interests.

Incentive: give a reason

Give a reason why someone should supplement their details. When you need a date of birth, this could be: "From now on, you can receive a present on your birthday". Or "Customized offers" or "Be the first to know about news that interests you" when asking about interests.


In order to gain (more) trust from the reader, it is recommended to indicate what you will do with their information.

Personal elements

You want to get to know someone better and to further develop/expand the relationship with the reader. If you include elements such as a personalized opening and closing greeting, a thank you, or a friendly greeting from the account manager, you immediately set the tone. You show that you value the email relationship and gain even more trust. Functions such as personalization and/or dynamic content can help with this.

Contact details

Always show within your emails that you are service-oriented and open to starting a dialogue. Include your contact details, so that you can easily be reached.