Introduction to Profile enrichment

The more relevant the content of your newsletter, the better the results. Segmentation, dynamic content and personalization are Spotler functions that can help with this. Terms such as 'Big Data', 'database marketing' and 'degree of profile completion' are also related. But let's start from the beginning: How well do you actually know your readers?

To be able to send relevant mailings, you will need information about your readers. There are various ways you can supplement this information. For example, you can record (click) behavior, create links with other systems, or ask the readers themselves for the information. The latter option is the one we will work with in this application: a special mailing in which we ask the reader to complete their profile.

Getting started

Creating a profile enrichment action in Spotler works almost the same as sending a 'regular' newsletter. To create a profile enrichment action, you will make use of the following modules:


To send the profile enrichment action, you will go through the following steps:

  1. Preparing the database and target group
  2. Creating the message
  3. Testing the message
  4. Sending the message
  5. Viewing the reports
Marlies_bordomhoog_lightbulb.png Profile enrichment within your email marketing processes
In addition to a special promotion, it is advisable to include profile enrichment within your email marketing processes. Collecting data then becomes a continuous process. Think, for example, of a welcoming campaign that includes a question about interests, or a profile block as a standard part of your newsletter.