Viewing profile enrichment reports

How many contacts have supplemented their profile? To find the answer to this question, you could do an analysis of the degree of profile completion again, in the Lists module, but you could also view reports. The best way to find an answer depends on the chosen solution. When you made the profile enrichment action, you had your reader supplement information in one of the following two ways:

  1. Link to Change profile page
  2. Profile enrichment through clicks

If you chose option 1, it will be interesting to look at the reports of your Change profile forms. Did you collect interests through clicks (option 2)? In that case, the results can be viewed in the mailing reports, which you can find in the Mailings module. The reports in the Mailings module are interesting to view in any case, to determine possible improvements of mailings in the future.

Analyzing the degree of profile completion

In step 1 of this step-by-step plan, you created a target group filter in the Lists module. After mailing the profile enrichment action, the number of contacts should have decreased, since this filter has excluded all contacts that have already completed data. Using this information, you have been able to calculate the degree of profile completion. By calculating it again, you can now see exactly which percentage of your readers has now supplemented their details in response to the action.

Viewing form reports

You can view the sum of the responses in the reports of a form. Click on Report in the drop-down menu behind the form. A new screen will open, in which the report of the form is available. You can read more about form reports in the module description of Form reports.

View mailing reports

Spotler has an extensive report available of every mailing that is sent. Open the report by clicking on Report in the drop-down menu behind the relevant mailing. The tab Clicks in the report shows how many contacts have clicked through as a result of the profile enrichment action.

Iris_bord_onder_lightbulb.png How to easily send an email reminder
Move your cursor across the line Clicked-through and a menu will appear. If you click on this, you will see the option for View. This function allows you to see which of your contacts have clicked. The same goes for Not clicked-through. It is possible to create a static list from those who did not click through. This way, you can easily send an email reminder.