This article only applies if your account works with e-mail bundles.

You can increase credits in Spotler under your Settings via the profile menu. On the settings, go to the tab Account & Billing and click on Credits on the left.  

Here you will see an overview of your E-mail credits, SMS credits and Survey credits. If you move your mouse over the rows, you will see a button appear with Purchase credits.


In this overview you will see:

  • Current credits: an overview of your E-mail credits, SMS credits and Survey credits. When you move your mouse over the lines, you will see a button appear with Purchase credits. You can also see the expiration date of credits. This only applies to email credits.
  • Credits notification: Set at which limit of the number of e-mail credits a notification should be sent or when you will receive a signal when the expiration date is approaching. Read more about this under the heading Credits notification.

Increase E-mail credits

Click on the button Purchase Credits behind E-mail to increase e-mail credits.


A step-by-step plan will open. The step-by-step plan consists of three steps.

  1. Credits
  2. Billing details
  3. Check


Step 1 - Credits

In this step you select a bundle. The price depends on the number of credits you order. The higher the number of credits, the lower the price per credit. You will also see a recommendation based on your historical use which bundle suits you best. This takes into account what you use in a year. Unused e-mail credits expire after one year. After your selection, scroll down and click Next.

Step 2 - Billing details

In the second step, enter the billing details. No worries, the credits are credited to your account immediately after completing the step-by-step plan. 


Step 3 - Check

As a final step, check your data and check the checkbox for confirmation. Then click on Save & Finish.


Increasing Survey and SMS credits works the same way. These credits can be used indefinitely.

Credits report

Do you want to analyze the usage of your credits? Then click on the Report button.


A separate window opens with the report on the use of e-mail, SMS and survey credits.


On the left you select a period of which year you want to view the report.


Credits notification

Would you like to receive a notification when you have reached a limit in terms of credits? You set this up under credits notification.


Click the Edit button for the settings. A popup appears:


In this pop-up you can set the following:

  • In this pop-up you can set the following:

  • How many credits you want to receive a notification. This notification can be seen on the start page of your Spotler account and in the Mailings module.

  • If you want to be notified when the e-mail credits expire.

  • Whether you want to receive an e-mail notification when the limit or period has been reached

  • Which e-mail address should the notification be sent to