You can check your product version and create a user license under the heading Account. You will find the overview of your account information under Settings in your account, through the profile menu.


When you click on Settings, you will first see your company details. To check your product version or add/remove licenses, go to Account & Billing and click on Account. A new screen with an overview of your account information will open.


In this overview, you will see:

  • Product version: which Spotler product are you using
  • User licenses: the number of user licenses
  • Status: is your account still being set up or is the account ready?

If you own the Spotler account, you will be able to see the blue button New license. This button allows you to add user licenses. You will get three user licenses with your account for free by default. It is not possible to delete these. The Delete button only appears when you have more than three user licenses. 

You can see user licenses as the number of seats there are for users. In this case, it doesn't matter who fills the seats, as long as you have enough user seats. Would you like to know how to add a user? Then read the article Users.