Security and privacy in Spotler


More and more companies and consumers are consciously concerned with security and privacy. Can the sender of the mailing be trusted? Or is it a phishing email? Is the data that I leave behind with a company properly protected? Important topics in email marketing land, because:

  1. You work with the personal data of your contacts and you do not want this data to be exposed.
  2. You want your mailings to be delivered properly and not seen as unreliable. In addition, you do not want to be seen as a spammer.
  3. You want to comply with the legislation.

To make it as simple as possible for you, we have listed all measures and actions in Spotler. In addition, you will find here what measures Spotler has taken itself in this area.

Protect your data in 7 steps 

As a marketer, you are dealing with the processing of personal data when applying email marketing. You collect at least email addresses and most likely other personal data as well. To prevent misuse of this data, there are a number of measures that Spotler has taken. You can also take a number of measures yourself:

  1. Personal login
  2. Single Sign-On
  3. Two-step verification
  4. File exchange
  5. Anti-bot security
  6. DMARC
  7. Private link domain