If you work with personal data, it is important that you handle this in a secure manner. After all, you don't want your personal data to be easily shared by others. It is therefore important that every colleague has access to Spotler via a separate, personal login.

A personal login allows you to find out who performed which action. And when a colleague leaves the organization, the personal user login can easily be deleted. With a general login, these things are out of your control. For example, someone could have stored these details somewhere, which may compromise privacy and security.

Get started in Spotler with users

Arranging a separate login for your colleague is managed in the User overview. This overview shows you all the users in your account. You will find the overview under Settings in your account, via the profile menu.


When you click on Settings, you will first of all see your company details. To create users, click on the left under the heading Access on Users. A new screen with an overview of users will open.


On this screen, you will see:

  • Top right: the number of licenses in operation. As standard, an account has three user licenses.
  • Details of the users: Name, Email address, Language, Status (Active, Invited and Removed), TFA (On or Off), Role (Owner, Marketer or Content marketeer).
  • Button New user. The status of this button depends on your role. Only the owner of an account can use this button.


In a Spotler account, there are three types of roles:

In a Spotler-account there is one owner.

  • Marketer: as a marketer you have all rights, except for the additional rights that an owner has, as described above. As a marketer you can use all functionalities and view sensitive information, such as customer data.
  • Content marketer: this role is limited in the form of viewing sensitive information. With this role it is not possible to view, edit and export customer data. In addition, the data of links is not visible or editable. All other functionalities can be used as a content marketer, such as sending a newsletter with the Mailings module.

    As a Marketer and Content marketer you can see an overview of the users and what status and role they have, but you cannot change these. The owner has more rights in user management.

Purchase (extra) user licenses

As an owner, it is possible to purchase (extra) user licenses. However, this action is not performed under Users. Instead, you must go to Account (under the heading Account & Billing). Only if you are the owner, you will see the blue button New license. Click on the button to purchase a new license.


Next, a pop-up will appear in which you can indicate how many user licenses you wish to add. Select the number of desired user licenses, check the check box and click on OK.


After you have purchased new user licenses, you will be able to create new users. 

Create a new user

Only if you have the role of Owner, can you create a new user. Spotler Support or your Spotler Partner don't have these privileges. In this way, unauthorized people cannot get access to your account. This is because, when a request is made, Spotler cannot check whether that person is actually allowed to have access to the account.

You can create users by clicking on the button New user. A pop-up window will appear to enter the details of the user. Everything completed? Click on OK. The new user will receive the activation details as standard.


Change the role of owner

If the owner of the account is absent for a long time or leaves the organization, it is useful that the role of owner is transferred to another user.

Do you want to transfer the role of owner? This option is only available to an Owner or to Spotler Support. Via the drop-down menu behind the user, you click on Change role.


A pop-up will appear in which you can amend the role of Owner to Marketer. Then click on OK.


Delete users

Do you want to delete users? Then click on Delete in the drop-down menu behind the user.


After you have deleted the user, you will see that the status has been changed to Deleted.


Send activation details to users

Do you want to send someone the activation details of the account? Via the drop-down menu, the Owner can send the login details to a user. 


Reset TFA

If you as a user have a new telephone and you use TFA (two-step verification), it is important that you reset the TFA. You can reset this under the tab Security under My profile. 

But the owner of a Spotler account can also reset the TFA for a user. The owner can do this in the drop-down menu behind the user.