Why should email marketing results be reflected in Google Analytics?

Why would you do that if results can also be seen in the tool or platform of the email marketing service provider (ESP)? Issues like click-through and conversion and also sales (if linked) can often be seen in your email marketing program.

An important reason for this is that the real conversion can be measured. When drawing up your email newsletter, you have a certain action in mind for the recipient. This could be a download or knowledge sharing. By setting goals based on a thank you page or the time on a page you can measure the real conversion in Google Analytics. Something that is important when determining the success of your newsletter.

In addition, email marketing, regardless of how nice and fine a marketing channel it is, is still 1 of many marketing channels used by organizations. A central place for analytics, such as Google Analytics, can indicate the performance ratios in such a case.

What brings a lot of traffic, but converts little? For which channel does the opposite apply? Which campaign performed well and which one did poorly?

Such questions can only be answered if as many channels as possible that are used are measured. Only in this way can you justify for each channel how successful it is, or the opposite. And of course how much budget should be allocated to it.

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