How do I write a value in the database after a click?

To send your contacts relevant information, you want to know what their interests are. You will learn more about this through profile enrichment.

An accessible way of profile enrichment is to write down a profile data after a contact has clicked on a specific link. You set this when you create the link.

Go to the Update Profile tab and choose Yes. You'll see more options appear.

Edit link.png


You have several choices regarding a profile update:

  • A change to a database field
  • Add a tag and score
  • Removing a tag

There are two ways in which you can write an interest. You can use a database field. This value is given on the contact card. But you can also use tags. With tags it is possible to start an automatic campaign when you have the Automations module at your disposal. 

Database field

To change a database field, select a database field. Then you select options to be changed. With the slider you can determine whether you check the check mark or uncheck the change. 
Change databasefield.png


When using a tag, you can select an existing tag or create a new one. When someone clicks on the link, they get a tag. Based on tags, it is possible to start automatic campaigns. 
Edit link _Tagging.png

Iris_bord_onder_bullhorn.png Keep an eye on things

A click is a snapshot. So don't just use this method to determine a contact's interests.

Offer a profile change form in, for example, the footer of your mailing, to give contacts the opportunity to adjust their interests.

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