Single Sign-On (SSO)

More and more organizations are using an advanced login solution, which allows employees to easily access all (online) applications they need with just one login on a daily basis. This allows you as a company to enforce your password policy on all applications you use in one go. This login solution offers extra security and ease of use.


We offer the Single Sign-On option in combination with Microsoft Azure. Check whether your organization uses Microsoft Azure before you get started.

Get started in Spotler

If you want to use the Single Sign-On functionality, there are a number of steps you need to take:


Multiple user logins? Merge these first!
If you have multiple user logins, it is important for Single Sign-On to first merge them into one user login.


You do this by linking the different accounts to which you have access to one user login. You can read more about this in the article: Linked accounts.

Step 1 - Activate license Single Sign-On (Owner account)

The very first step you take to use SSO is to purchase a license once in your Spotler account. The SSO solution is a paid service. Only the owner of your account can perform this action. The number of users using the solution is unlimited.

It is possible that your license has already been activated immediately upon onboarding your Spotler account. In that case, you can skip this step.

Go to Settings in the profile menu and click on Account & Billing. Then click on the left on Account. Under the General heading you will see Single Sign-On with the status Inactive next to it. Move your mouse over the line and you will see the Activate button appear.


Click the Activate button and a pop-up will appear. Check the checkbox to agree to the license fees.


After you have clicked on OK the license for SSO is activated. You will also receive confirmation of this by e-mail. It is now possible to take further steps to set up SSO.

Step 2 - Enable User-Level Single Sign-On

When the license is activated for SSO, you can take further steps to enable this for your user. You do this via My Profile. By default, Single Sign-On is disabled.


To enable Single Sign-on, go to the Security tab.


Click the Enable button to activate Single Sign On. A popup will appear:


Click OK. You will then receive an email at the email address associated with your user.


Click on the yellow button Enable Single Sign-On. You will arrive at a Spotler login screen:


Before you can really use the solution, you have to set up the Spotler application in Microsoft Azure once.

Step 3 - Set up the Spotler application once at Microsoft Azure

This is a one-time operation.

  1. From the email you received, you clicked on Set up SSO. You will see the following screen:


  1. Click here on the Azure link
  2. Login with Microsoft Azure
  3. Submit a request to the Azure administrator to use Spotler. You can give an explanation, this is visible in the email that the administrator receives.
  4. If you click on Request approval you will see a confirmation screen.


  5. The requester will receive an email from Azure confirming the request.
  6. The Azure administrator receives an email from Azure requesting approval on the Spotler app.
  7. Click on the button in the email. On the landing page you agree to the Spotler app.
  8. After approval from the administrator, the user will receive an email stating that the app has been accepted.
  9. Go back to your activation email and click Enable Single Sign-On. If the link has expired, call Support to resend the activation email.
  10. On the landing page click on the Azure link
  11. Click on the account you want to log in with. The set-up is complete.

Step 4 - Log in with Single Sign-On

After setting up SSO, you can click on the Azure link at the Spotler login page (


You will then initially be referred to a Microsoft screen. Here you choose the account you want to log in to. Then log in directly to your Spotler account.


If you do not see this screen, you may have to log in to Azure first.

Frequently Asked Questions

A user account has just been created for me and I am new to Spotler. What do I have to do to use Single Sign-on?

You are just getting started with Spotler and your company uses the Single Sign-On option (the license is activated). You also want to use this. You should have received an email to activate your account. If you click on this you will see a screen appear with two options log in with a password or log in with Azure. If you want to use Single Sign-On, you choose the second option; Single Sign-On.


You can then log in via Microsoft Azure using Single Sign-On and Single Sign-On is automatically enabled for your profile in Spotler. You can also first set Username with password for the option and set Single Sign-On afterwards.

How does Single Sign-On work with multiple users?
When the license is activated, each user can enable the Single Sign-On option individually in their profile.
How does Single Sign-On work if I have multiple user logins myself?
If you have multiple user logins, it is important that you first merge these user logins by linking accounts. You can read how to do this in the article: Linked accounts.
I don't use Microsoft Azure, but I do want to use Single Sign-on, how can I arrange that?
For now it is only possible to use with Microsoft Azure SSO. But above all, indicate your wish for other providers to your Spotler contact person!
As an account owner, can I enforce Single Sign-On for all users?

You, as the owner, cannot do this, but your Spotler partner can arrange this for you. You must first purchase the Single Sign-On license for this, before your Spotler partner can help you further.
Once the mandatory Single Sign-On has been activated, all existing users will receive an email to activate the Single Sign-On (unless they have already activated it). Pay attention! The link to activate SSO is expiring. It is therefore important that the user activates this in time.

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