Why are the conversion figures different in Spotler than in Google Analytics?

First of all, the difference is that Google Analytics measures conversion from different channels. In Spotler you only see the conversion of the contacts who place a product in the shopping cart and / or complete it directly from the e-mail.

In addition, a number of things apply so that you can see differences:

  • Web url is not set (correctly). If you do not see a conversion, check whether your web url is (correctly) set. You do this in the Integrations tab under Settings.


  • Google Analytics measures in a different way than how the conversion is measured in Spotler. Where Google Analytics does this based on the behavior in your webshop, Spotler does this based on an id and trigger from the webshop.

    Suppose someone clicks on a product link in your email, the contact will go to the webshop. An id is given in the url (that the contact comes from the e-mail) and the webshop stores this. When the contact creates a shopping cart, a trigger is sent from your webshop to Spotler. The same applies when a shopping cart is completed.
  • Cookies not accepted or a session time expires. There is a cookie policy on your website, if for example Google Analytics is included and the contact does not accept the cookies, then no measurement will be taken. But even if the session has expired, there is no longer an ID known to a contact and the trigger will not go off from the webshop to Spotler.