Connecting with Magento 2.3 or higher

The connection between your Magento online store (version 2.3 or higher) and your Spotler account is established via Spotler's Connector Platform. For this you install our plugin in your Magento webshop. The data on the Connector Platform remains with Spotler and isn't processed by a third party.

On the Connector Platform a connection is made between the source system (Magento) and the target system (Spotler account) so they can exchange information. It works like this:


The Connector Platform retrieves data from your Magento store through the Magento connector and sends it to your Spotler account. Periodically the connector retrieves any changed data from Spotler through the Connector Platform and sends it to Magento. That way, all systems remain up-to-date.

Requirements for a successful connection

A couple of requirements to ensure the correct functioning of the connection:

  • You are running Magento version 2.3 or higher.
  • You have installed our plugin: Spotler provides an implementation manual for the installation.
  • The following IP-addresses have been whitelisted:, and .
  • You are not using rate limiters.
  • You are not using useragent filters on the API. The blacklist on useragents is turned of.
  • You are not using a hypernode-environment for our Connector Platform.
  • Spotler automatically adds Google Analytics code to product links. Make sure your website structure supports this.
  • For multiple sites in Magento 2, you will need multiple Spotler accounts (multiple licenses)
  • If you are running a Magento store in multiple languages, they could be seen as multiple store views. However, brands or labels should be on a separate website. This has to do with the newsletter opt-ins. Magento 2 can only process 1 newsletter permission for each website.


  • We can only indicate what should be added to Magento to ensure a proper connection with Spotler. Spotler does not specialize in Magento and will not advise on how Magento needs to be setup.
  • The Spotler API is not released immediately because of the processing time for setting up the connection.
  • Spotler always sends first and last name data back to Magento whenever a change has been made to a contacts data in Spotler. This is a requirement in Magento 2.
  • With newsletter subscribers (guest registrations) only the email address is passed on together with the newsletter permission. If it is a customer, other fields can also be synchronized to Spotler. For example, names and addresses.
  • There are several ways in Magento 2 to add 'from' and 'to' prices. During the implementation we will discuss which way we will use for our connection.
  • Configurable products cannot be used as products in your mailing.
  • If you are only synchronizing products, you cannot use the standard eCommerce campaigns.
  • You can review order conversions in Spotler’s mailing statistics. For this to function properly we are dependent upon the way Magento has been setup and the settings of the order statuses on the Connector Platform.
  • Updating your Magento version or updating/installing any Magento plugins could affect your Spotler connection.
  • The connection will be tested by you (potentially with a Magento partner). We will provide you with a testing plan for this purpose.