How do I compose an abandoned cart message?

Product: eCommerce

You would like to automatically show the products from your webshop in your abandoned shopping cart message. Of course it differs per recipient what someone has left in their shopping cart. There is therefore a special block that you add to your template to make this happen. This is called a Product List. You'll find this block on the left under editor options.

Note: Only use the Product List in combination with the standard abandoned cart automation. The product list is filled based on information that is sent in this external trigger. If you don't use this trigger, the contact will not see any products in the mail.


You drag the Products list onto your canvas. Now you have to set what type of Product List it concerns. Click on the arrow next to the article block to go to Template.


A pop-up will appear where you select a template. Normally there is a special template for this block for abandoned carts. 

In the block, the final message to the recipient shows the product that someone has left in their shopping cart. There is no link linked in this block directly to the product in the shopping cart.

You use the calls-to-action in your standard free formatting block for this. Change the standard text of your calls-to-action to, for example, "To the shopping cart". You then turn the calls-to-action into a "special link", because the link must refer to the shopping cart in your online store.




Then choose special link: Link to abandoned  shopping cart in the dropdown.


Click OK. Save your message and exit the editor.