Brand guidelines

The most efficient before editing your template is to define your corporate identity in the Settings. As a result, you do not have to enter your brand guidelines first for each separate template and you will see the colors of your brand applied immediately when choosing a design. This makes it easier for you to choose which design best suits your organization.


In this screen you will see:

  • A yellow promotion button New guideline
  • An overview of your created guidelines.
  • A drop-down menu to edit or delete your brand guideline

New guideline

To add a (new) brand guideline, click on the yellow button New guideline. A step-by-step plan consisting of 4 steps starts:

  1. Step 1 – Properties
  2. Step 2 – Company info
  3. Step 3 – Colors
  4. Step 4 – Social media

Step 1 - Properties

In the first step you enter the name of the brand guideline. This will be visible later in the overview, but also when you select a brand guideline when drawing up a template.


Click Save & next for step 2.

Step 2 - Company info

In the second step you fill in all your general company info. By default, the account name is prefilled with company name. If you work with different brands and brand guidelines, adjust this field as desired. It is not mandatory to fill in all fields. For example, you will see this information in the footer of your template.


Click Save & next to go to the next step.

Step 3 - Colors

You undoubtedly have brand guideline colors that have been established. You can enter it here. Enter the colors from your corporate identity manual with a # sign in front.



  • Primary color: which color is used for your buttons or as the footer color, for example?
  • Secondary color: enter the support color of your corporate identity here
  • General text color: the description says it all. Here you specify the text color.
  • Base color: these colors are reflected as Preset colors in your color picker when drawing up a template.

No corporate identity manual?
Not sure where to find your brand guidelines? Then remove the colors from your website. A handy add-on in Google Chrome is a color picker. If you can't download it, there is another trick. Use f12 and an extra window will open in your browser window. In the animation below we show you how you can find out the colors with this:


Step 4 – Social media

In step 4 you add the urls of your social media channels.


Depending on the design you choose, the logos of social media will be shown in the header and / or footer.

Click on Save & finish and you will return to the overview. You will now see that a corporate identity has been added.


If you are starting for the first time, your overview will of course be empty, but if you have added a brand guideline, you will see a preview of the logo, the company details, the colors and the set social media channels.


At the top right of your corporate identity set you see a dropdown button with an arrow pointing down. With the drop-down menu it is possible to edit or delete a brand guideline.

Note: messages that you have already prepared with the template and the template itself do not change automatically. It is therefore important that you also make this change in the template itself.