How do I create a test group?

Before sending out a mailing, it is important to test it properly. Two (or more) always look more than one. To easily test one or more people, you create a test group.

First of all, it is important to check the box for Test group: Yes in the contact card at the contacts for your test group. You can read more about this in the article: How do I add someone to the test group?

Create a test group in the module Lists

You create a test group based on a dynamic list in the module Lists. Click on the action button New list.

Step 1 - Properties

Enter a name for the test group, for example Test group EN. Something that is easily recognizable for your organization. Click Save & Next.


Step 2 - Content

You will now see the Edit and View button. Click Edit to open the list editor.


The editor looks like this:


A person must meet a selection to be included in this list. You therefore click on Selection. A popup will open with two choices: All contacts and Static list.


Here you choose All contacts and click OK. A new pop-up will open where you choose a property. In this case we want this group to have the Test group property.


Select this value and you will see the following screen:


Click on Yes and then the arrow to the right. Then click on OK. You will see an overview of the number of contacts that meet the value Test group: Yes.


Click OK and your test group is ready. You can see that of all contacts in this Spotler account there are 5 contacts that meet the value Test group: Yes.


Click on the floppy disk icon to save the list. Then click on Close editor. The test group is now between your other dynamic lists.

Multiple test groups

In Spotler it is possible to create multiple test groups. This is useful if you work with different departments or with colleagues from different countries. You then create a separate dynamic list for each department. Follow the steps as described above and add an extra feature to distinguish the departments. An example is based on language. You then apply an extra refinement.


This can be based on language, for example.


When you have clicked OK, you will see an overview of your selection:


Click OK to finalize the selection. You can see in the example below that 4 persons of the 5 who have Test group: Yes also have the value Language: en.


Click the floppy disk icon to save the list.

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