How do I add content from Flowbox to my email?

It is possible to add a flow from Flowbox to your message in Spotler. A flow is a visual representation of content that is retrieved from your social media posts, for example Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. You select which contributions appear. The nice thing about a flow is that you can also load content that users or followers of you share on social media. Brands that involve customers in the content process have a higher engagement on social media.

An example of a flow in an email from Dille en Kamille (a Dutch store).


The flow is loaded from Flowbox (external) into your message. All settings are therefore done outside Spotler. Follow the Flowbox step-by-step plan to create a flow for your email.

All you have to do in Spotler is add the HTML code to the flow. You do this as follows:

  1. Copy the HTML code from Flowbox.
  2. In the message editor you add a free layout block to your message.
  3. Double click on the content block to open it.
  4. Then click on the icon <> for the Source code of the content block.
  5. Remove all source code and paste the HTML code of the flow into the block.
  6. Then click on Ok. And then again.
  7. You will see that the content of the flow is shown in your message.

You can change and view the results of your flow at Flowbox.

Iris_bord_onder_lightbulb.png When something changes in a flow, does my message automatically change?
That depends on how you have set the flow in Flowbox. There are two ways to post a flow:
  • You can place a static flow and that content remains as it is. You see what recipients see when composing the message.
  • You can also place a dynamic flow. You will see the content of the flow when pasting the code in the email, but the content could still change for the recipient if the content of the flow is subsequently adjusted in Flowbox.


Need support in setting up a flow? Please contact Flowbox.

Need help putting the HTML in your message? Please contact Spotler Support.