What data can I export from my Spotler account?

When you migrate to another Spotler account or your current account is terminated, it is useful to export data in time. There are a number of things that you can export yourself and there are a number of things that are exported via Spotler support.

In this article you will read:

  1. Things that you can export yourself from Spotler
  2. Things that can be exported on request by Spotler support
  3. Points to consider

Consider the GDPR when exporting data
Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How do I securely share the exports with external parties?
  • Do I use all the data stored with a contact? Or do I have to remove some columns from the file before sharing it?
  • Where do I keep the registration date and source registration? So that I can show when the data was collected

Things that you can export yourself from Spotler

Ask yourself if you are taking every contact with you
Maybe it's time for a clean-up? You can create a dynamic list of sleeping readers. For example, choose not to transfer all contacts that have not been opened in the past year to your new system. Give these contacts one last chance through a reactivation campaign.

Things that can be exported on request by Spotler

  • Templates
  • Messages: Think of campaign messages such as your sign-up confirmation

You will receive both of the above points in an HTML file. This file contains images that are stored online at Spotler. We keep these images for a short period after your account has been closed, but will be deleted in the long term. So don't forget to save the images from the HTML file on your computer if you want to keep them.

Please contact us so that we can make an estimate of the work and costs.

Points to consider

DNS settings

At Spotler, the correct use of the SPF record is a requirement, this is part of the DNS settings of your domain name. These settings also include DMARC, DKIM and other security steps that are optional within Spotler. Your domain administrator set this way at the time so that Spotler is allowed to e-mail with your reply address. If you stop using Spotler, it is wise to ask your domain administrator to revoke the permission. Are you switching to another Spotler account? Then the SPF record can remain. The additional security steps such as DMARC and own private domains are set at the account level, so these must be changed.

(Subscription) forms and pages

How do your processes for subscribing and unsubscribing in Spotler run? Have you integrated a Spotler form on your website? Or perhaps a lead generation form where visitors request a white paper? These forms and pages are account bound and must be replaced. Your Spotler forms will no longer work when the account is closed.


Do you run a link or automatic import? For example with a webshop or CRM? Keep in mind that it will no longer work if your Spotler account closes. Make sure the party maintaining this link is aware of this. Should the link be redirected to your new account? Activate the desired API or FTP in your new account and deliver the data to the linking party.

Handy to note

  • What are the selections in your frequently used dynamic lists?
  • Which users had access to your Spotler account?
  • Are there still active automatic e-mail campaigns? Determine when to give it an inactive status.
  • What is the agreed end date of the account? Put this in your agenda so that you do not forget to export the important data in time.