Discount codes

This feature is available for Spotler eCommerce and Spotler Automation

In Spotler you have the option to display unique discount codes in your mailing. These codes can be automatically added to your mailings, for example through a welcome campaign or a birthday campaign. Spotler keeps track of which codes have been used and gives you a heads up when you're almost out of discount codes.

Get started in Spotler

If you add discount codes you do this in two places in Spotler, namely;

Import discount codes via Integrations

In Spotler you import a set of discount codes that you have generated from your webshop, for example. Spotler keeps track of which discount code has already been issued. Each code is only issued once.

To add discount codes, go to Settings> Integrations> Discount codes. You will see the following screen in front of you:


When you have added discount codes to a set, you will see the sets in this overview. A set is a container with discount codes. You can divide discount codes into boxes, for example; 5% discount, 10% discount etc.

The following actions are possible from this overview:

soumaya_bordzijkant_lightbubl.png Create discount codes
Do you want to generate discount codes? You can do so through your webshop platform. Here's how that works in the commonly used eCommere platforms below: 


Add new discount codes in the overview

To add new discount codes to the overview, click on the yellow promotion button New discount codes.


Follow a step-by-step plan consisting of three steps.

Step 1 - Properties

In the first step, enter the name of the discount code set that you are going to import. For example: 5% discount codes.


Click Next to go to step 2.

Step 2 - File

In this step you select the file with discount codes that you want to import. You have to import an Excel and this file must contain only the discount codes. Unlike when importing your contacts file, you do not use a column name in your file here.


After you have selected the file you will see an example of the first 5 discount codes from your file.

Click Next to go to the last step.

Step 3 - Notifications

In the last step, you indicate the number of discount codes for which you should receive a notification in Spotler. This notification can be found on the dashboard and in step 2 when you schedule a mailing.

Adjust the number as desired and then indicate whether you also want to receive an e-mail notification when the number of remaining discount codes is lower than an X number.


Click Save & Finish. You will then see in the overview that the set of discount codes has been added.


Upload new discount codes to a set

When you have almost run out of discount codes, you can upload extra discount codes to the existing set. Go to the dropdown menu and click on Upload new codes.


Edit notifications, view discount codes, rename the set of discount codes and delete the set

You can find all of the options above in the dropdown menu.


View discount codes

With the view discount codes option you can check if your import was successful by looking up random discount codes from your database via the search window.


Delete a set of discount codes

You delete a set of discount codes also via the dropdown menu. You not only delete the set, but also the discount codes in the set. Before you delete the set, consider whether this set is still being used in an active campaign. In that case, set the campaign to inactive or insert a new discount code set.

Add discount code to your message

Imported the discount codes? Now you can add these to your message. In the editor of the Messages module, double click on an article block where you want to add the discount code. Then click on the icon to add a personalization field.


For type of personalization field, choose Discount code field.


You can then choose the right set of discount codes.


Specify an alternative value when no more discount code can be displayed, for example because the set is empty. Then click on Ok. You will then see that the personalization field has been added to your article block.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I see which contact has received which discount code?
    No, this is not saved in the contact's data.
  • Can I set a reminder when someone has not redeemed their discount code?
    This is possible, but this person will receive a new discount code. Spotler only links whether a discount code has been issued. There is no link with your web shop to check whether it has actually been redeemed. It is therefore not possible to include the same discount code in a reminder email. It is possible to schedule a reminder through which the contact will receive a new unique discount code from the set. In this case, close all contacts with a recent last purchase date from this reminder. 
  • Can I remove specific discount codes from a set?
    No, This is not possible. Create a new set with the correct discount codes and remove the old set.