Recognize contacts

The moment you start emailing your contact database from Spotler, it is also possible to recognize contacts in addition to companies. When you send a mailing with trackable links and the recipient clicks through to a page on your website a unique code is sent along. The contact is linked by means of his domain name ( to the IP data from the database of the Leads module. And is the IP not (yet) in the database? Then an organization is already created based on domain and the IP address of the recipient. Recognizing contacts makes follow-up a lot easier because you know exactly which contact within the organization has shown interest in which products, services, cases or prices.

In addition to clicking through from a mailing, a contact can also be recognized if they fill out a form (a form from Spotler) and then end up on your website. Consider, for example, a thank you page on your website in response to completing the form.


In other words; Because the Leads module is part of your Spotler account, it is also possible to follow the contacts in your e-mail file on the website. Your lead list will be supplemented with a contact email address if:

  • A contact from the mailing clicks through to your website;
  • When someone fills in a Spotler form and then ends up on your website, for example through a thank you page. You can also embed Spotler forms on your website;

View contacts

When you go to My Leads in the main menu, you will see an overview of all leads that visit the website plus more detailed information.


When opening the lead data of a company, you see that 1 Identified contact is found. At the visited pages you can now also see which pages this contact has viewed:


Via Emarketing Contacts , available as soon as you have clicked on a lead from the overview and a contact has been recognized, you can now also see the behavior of the contact person:



Campaign & Keywords

In addition to an overview of the pages visited, you can also see per lead how they ended up on these pages. You can see this in the Campaign & Keywords tab.

Contact 3.png

Use a logical and consistent way of Google Analytics tagging in links to the website. Then you can easily see in this tab from which source the lead ended up on your website. Campaign & Keywords works for both companies and contacts who visit your website.

Leads voor sales

You can use all the information discussed above to supplement your (existing) leads and prepare them as completely as possible for Sales to follow up on. Based on all this information, they can choose exactly the right approach for a telephone conversation, for a personal e-mail or for a personal LinkedIn message. The more relevant Sales can be to the lead, the more likely they are to click for a follow-up.