How to make sure that copied text does not change the formatting of my template?

Do you like to Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V? Who doesn't copy pieces of text from a website, PDF or Word document to his or her content blocks in Spotler? Nothing wrong with that!

Always make sure that your copied text is pasted as plain text! Why? When copying/pasting from a source outside Spotler, you are not only copying the text, but also the style and formatting of the text and they will not match the style and formatting of the content block in Spotler.

To prevent this from happening, you can paste your copied text into Notepad first and then copy and paste from there, but even more convenient is to use the ‘Paste as text’ function in Spotler. First click on the icon below before pasting the text.


This way, the text formatting of, for example, Word is not included.