Create reactivation campaign messages

In this step you will get started with composing the messages that you will include later in the campaign: the e-mail invitation, reminder and SMS notification.

It does not matter whether you want to compose a newsletter, confirmation or invitation. Composing a message in Spotler actually always works in the same way and is done in the Messages module.

Go to the Messages module. In the Overview, click on the yellow New message button at the top right. A step-by-step plan then starts. In step 1 you specify the properties of the message, in step 2 you set the inbox fields of the message and in step 3 you edit the message. You edit the message by means of a drag and drop editor. Want to know more about the editor of the Messages module? Then read the description Editors messages.

Compose email invitation

Go through the three steps to compose a message. In step 3 you prepare the HTML version in which you can use the following tips:

  • Personal elements
    An invitation is a personal message and you also want to emphasize the relationship with your customer. We therefore recommend working with a personal salutation or personalization, such as “Dear Sir / Madam Surname prefix” or “Dear First Name”. This can be in the message itself, but also in the subject. You add a salutation by pressing the {P} icon.
  • Link to landing page
    Post a clear "Call To Action" (CTA) with a link to the survey. Use the link type “Link to landing page in Spotler”.
  • Contact details
    Always show that you are open to dialogue and service-oriented within the e-mail relationship. Therefore, include your contact details so that you are always easy to reach.
  • Service links
    Always include an unsubscribe link in your message and preferably also a change profile link. Should the reader's interests have changed, he / she can easily make changes or unsubscribe. This prevents a negative experience and builds up a truly interested target group.

Create email reminder

In the same way as the invitation, you compose a message for the reminder of the survey. The easiest way is to make a copy of the invitation and then make some text changes so that it is clear that it is a reminder.

You can make a copy of the message in the Overview by clicking on Duplicate in the drop-down menu.


SMS notification

You can also create the SMS notification for your colleague in the Messages module. Go through the two steps to compose a new SMS message and select SMS instead of the Email type when composing.


Compose SMS message

Click Save & next after choosing the type of SMS. You will end up in step 2. Here you select the sender and compose the text message.


If you want to use a new sender name, please contact Spotler Support.

Paul_Liggend_Bullhorn.png Sender name
The sender name can be up to 11 characters (numbers / letters) long.

The text message you compose can consist of a maximum of 160 characters. Therefore, a character counter runs along as you enter the text, so you can see how many characters are still available. As with an email, you can insert a personalization field anywhere in the text message along with an alternative.

By pressing Save & finish, your message will be saved and you will return to the Overview of the Messages module.

Change message statuses

Are the messages completely satisfactory? Test them to yourself or colleagues and set them to Final after any changes. You do this by clicking Change status in the drop-down menu. A pop-up will appear. Then click on Final.